San Diego, CA, Nov. 11, 2002 -- ValueAd has been selected by AdsCPM Network, a revolutionary pop-under internet advertising company, to provide full-service, customized advertising solutions for its customers. As the buyer of pop inventory of high-traffic sites, AdsCPM Network needed a respected online media delivery technology and advertising group, and chose ValueAd for its world-class, customized solutions and proven expertise in this field, and its dedication to customer service.

ValueAd AdXpress technology allows my customers to manage their campaigns and provides incredible targeting capabilities, said Dale Begg-Smith, President, AdsCPM Network, Canada. A bulletproof stable system (available) for a fraction of the price of their competitors has increased my profits 200%.

Since its inception in 1996, ValueAd has become a respected leader in advertising management technology by providing customized, up-to-date solutions at competitive prices. The core of ValueAd remains its outstanding ad server, AdXpress, which has earned a reputation for providing clients with intelligent, easy-to-use applications of media technology, providing a distinct competitive edge.

For over half a year switched from ZEDO ad server and are now utilizing AdXpress technology and to date, we have not had a problem, Begg-Smith said. ValueAd customizes technology to fit our business model.

Furthermore, ValueAd remains squarely focused on the principle that propelled it to such successes: the customer always comes first. With this in mind, ValueAd boasts a team of highly trained specialist committed to working hand-in-hand with their clients to deliver invaluable technological advice and service.

As witnessed by AdsCPM Network, ValueAds AdXpress allows clients to reduce their overall serving fees without sacrificing any of the features and functions that they require. By reducing expenditures and increasing the controls over their advertising, AdXpress makes clients lives easier, and makes way for a higher profit margin.

Our clients decision to place their entire revenue stream into our hands is met with 100% dedication by our team, said ValueAd Vice President of Sales, Adam Tuttle. AdXpress not only handles our clients basic needs, but also goes above and beyond their expectations, and allows them to focus on their core business.