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The Gator Corporation needed a high-quality online media delivery technology and chose ValueAd for its outstanding, customized solutions.

"AdXpress is easy to use, and ValueAd's customization has helped us tremendously," said Mitchell Weisman, senior vice president, finance and business development.

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Enterprise Ad Server technology
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Visual Aid — Layout

Using AdXpress technology you can virtually divide your site by ZONES (such as SPORT, BUSINESS and WEATHER sections) and then divide each zone by PLACES (such as top 468x60 ad place and bottom 468x60 place). You can also group some places from different ZONES into BUNDLES.

Smart Targeting

Then you completely divided you site the way mentioned you are able to target any ad campaign on this site by any ZONE, PLACE or BUNDLE (a group of places). Thus you can use the ad potential of your audience more efficiently: