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Success story

  MTV Italy requires the highly-specialized services of a reputable online media delivery technology and advertising group, and chose ValueAd for it's world-class, customized solutions and proven expertise in this filed.

"MTV evaluated different solutions to internalize our ad-serving activities but (ValueAd's) AdXpress is the only one satisfying our multiple needs with a pretty flexible asp cost model," said MTV Italy's Gian Paolo Tagliavia. (Head of Online).

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Creation and Design

We will work with you to create a very simple and basic business web presence and we will also present you with a fully functioning, wholly integrated web site with interactive and e-commerce features. We will have you easily set up with database-driven solutions, e-mail autoresponders, online store, credit card processing, customer service, and shipment tracking, which includes support, and service. We are your virtual one-stop shop in web creation and design.