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ValueAd Provides Customized Solution for World's Largest Online Marketing Network

SAN DIEGO (BUSINESS WIRE) - Nov. 18, 2002 ValueAd's AdXpress ad-serving solution has been selected by The Gator Corporation, one of the world's largest online marketing networks and software distributors, for use in managing many of its online advertising campaigns.

The Gator Corporation needed a high-quality online media delivery technology and chose ValueAd for its outstanding, customized solutions.

"AdXpress is easy to use, and ValueAd's customization has helped us tremendously," said Mitchell Weisman, senior vice president, finance and business development.

Since its inception in 1996, ValueAd has become a respected leader in advertising management technology by providing customized, up-to-date solutions at competitive prices. The core of ValueAd remains its outstanding ad server, AdXpress, which has earned a reputation for providing clients with intelligent, easy-to-use applications of media technology, providing a distinct competitive edge.

ValueAd's AdXpress allows clients to reduce their overall serving fees without sacrificing any of the features and functions that they require. By reducing expenditures and increasing the controls over their advertising, AdXpress makes clients' lives easier, and makes way for a higher profit margin.

"Our client's decision to place their trust in our hands is met with 100% dedication by our team," said ValueAd vice president of sales, Adam Tuttle. "AdXpress not only handles our client's basic needs, but also goes above and beyond their expectations, and allows them to focus on their core business."

About ValueAd (www.ValueAd.com)

With expert consultants and technical specialists in San Diego, ValueAd is a multi-faceted company comprised of several integrated operating divisions. ValueAd's foundation was built upon its core ad server technology, AdXpress, which has grown to deliver a meaningful return on investment. By keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving technology trends and developments, ValueAd works with clients to best determine how the intelligent application of media technology can set them apart from competitors. The ValueAd Network is the result of six years of aggregating and retaining top-notch, top-tier Web sites, providing the global audience needed for today's businesses to thrive, reaching Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Because of its marked successes, The ValueAd product family continues to grow. Look for ValueMail, a customized and robust email marketing solution designed to save bandwidth, time and money, and ensure corporate mailings are done properly and on time, to be released later this month.

About The Gator Corporation (www.Gator.com)

The Gator Corporation is a leader in online advertising through its Gator Advertising and Information Network (GAIN), and also produces some of the Web's most popular applications. Since the launch of its first software application, Gator eWallet, The Gator Corporation has become one of the world's largest marketing networks and software distributors. The company now runs consistently one of the 25 most trafficked Web properties in the world. The corporate headquarters are in Redwood City, Calif. Sales offices are located in Chicago and New York City. Support staff is located throughout the United States.