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Our Products

We are proud to announce the new releases of our two most popular products; AdXpress for Networks and AdXpress for Publishers as well as the continued expansion of the ValueAd Global Audience Ad Network.

AdXpress is a web based ASP Ad server. It is securely accessible from anywhere on the web. It is both robust and nimble having passed every stress test we can throw its way. AdXpress is virtually unlimited in its ability to scale to your needs. Whether you manage 10 thousand or 10 billion impressions a month, ValueAd’s AdXpress can help your company save money all the while increasing your return and results.

We have designed and built the AdXpress product line from the ground up with only one intention; to become your one only Internet advertising technology partner. We believe that mutual beneficial partnerships are what make businesses succeed and we have created our AdXpress products with your needs in mind. We are not new to the market or the industry and have used our years of experience in Internet advertising to create a product that is second to none.

ValueAd Product Family

ValueAd Network — Our Global Audience Ad Network. We have spent the last 6 years aggregating and retaining only top notch, top tier websites within our network. We have the audience that you need, whether you are trying to reach European, Asian, North American or South American users the ValueAd Global Audience Ad Network will allow you the opportunity to attract your target audience.

AdXpress  — Enterprise Ad Server technology (License & ASP). AdXpress is highly competitive Ad management solution, which distinguishes above the competition by:
  • On-the-fly optimization, Frequency cap control, post click analysis, post impression reports, payroll/financial tools and reporting, complete campaign optimization and control with all forms of media, Ability to track CPA,CPC and CPM campaigns and many, many more features.
  • A simple, efficient and intuitive interface.
  • Advanced real time reporting and forecasting.
  • Extremely cost effective and in some cases even free. (learn more)
Our competitors may be well known but their pricing and service are often out of line. ValueAd will not only save you money but will improve your results. Contact us today for a personalized quote.