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ValueAd Network
Global Audience Ad Network
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What is ValueAd Global audience ad network?

To put it simply, we are the are organizations that aggregate by hand Websites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them.

As our network grows larger, its power increases. Not only can ValueAd now offer more page-views to advertisers, we can also segment audience on the basis of subject, geographic location, visitor demographics (income group, interests, age, profession and so on) and sell advertising space to businesses and companies that wish to target this select audience. And such targeted advertising commands higher advertising rates, bringing in more money to the Webmasters of participating sites and the network itself.

How does the advertiser benefit from this situation? If there is a company that wants to run an advertising campaign and plans to display their banner 5 million times in a month, they could do one of the following:
  • hunt for, find, and negotiate with 250 sites like yours, or
  • contact ValueAd Global Audience ad network

ValueAd Network in addition to providing the page-views they require, we will also handle the entire ad campaign more professionally and efficiently fully utilizing our Ad Serving technology.