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How does ValueAd Network work?

ValueAd Network has been strategically designed to markedly increase the amount of revenue that a Webmaster will earn from their hard work. ValueAd Network provides Webmasters with a solid and proven opportunity to earn money from their website.

How will you track the number of clicks that I serve you?

Our team of engineers design Ad serving technology based on all industry standards and advertising rules. After six years designing Ad Serving technology our clients confident in our technology. Last release of ValueAd Ad server cost us 1.2 million dollars. Technology will expertly track user traffic and generate appropriate reports. Please allow up to one hour for reports.

How can I join?

Simply agree to our terms and conditions, sign-up, and fill out the necessary form.

How complete must my site be?

You must have a reasonable amount of content. For more information please read publishers Terms & Conditions.

How much do I earn?

You will earn 65% of what Advertisers pay to Check out our Visual Aid page.

What is the minimum age requirement to join?

You can join our network at any age, so long as you have common sense, and know how to work hard for your money.

How long will it take to approve an account?

It usually takes less than 24 hours. We will notify you quickly by e-mail with our response.

How can I update my address or any other information?

To update your information simply log into your account area and enter any needed changes.

Can I stop using your banner at any time?

Yes, you can remove them at your discretion although keep in mind that unless you have reached the $50.00 level, you will not receive a payment.

Why has my account been terminated?

First of all, if your conduct has been unacceptable we are fully within our right to do so. Please refer to our terms and conditions. However, if you feel that you have obeyed all of our terms and conditions, we then suggest that you make sure that you are using the HTML code given to you when you joined our network.

How many of your banners may I have on one page?

You are allowed to have two banners per page.

What is my account name and password?

If you have forgotten your username and password, you can find it easily within the e-mail sent to you when you first signed up or click here to re-send your Sign In information

May I change the HTML code?

No, the HTML code may not be altered in any way.

Am I allowed to put your banners in a frame?

Yes, you are allowed, as long as frame will appear anywhere in your domain. We do not allow when for example you subscribe with and trying to run frame under some other domain. You do allowed to run frame anywhere under

When will I receive payment?

We issue payments in 3 days after we clear advertisers check and our terms with the advertisers usually NET 30.

What is the minimum pay out?

The minimum payout is $50.00, however, if you do not earn $50.00 in one month, what you have earned will be carried over to the next month and you will be paid once you have accumulated $50.00 or more.

How will I receive payment?

You will receive payment by Union Bank of California check. Sorry, no PayPal..

Do you issue payments internationally?

Yes we do issue payments internationally, as long as your site comply to our Terms & Conditions.