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The Answer to a 'Small' Webmaster's Prayers

If you are Webmaster of small or medium website you've probably been exploring various avenues for generating revenue from your site. Banner advertising is one of the evergreen methods to do this. But selling out your ad inventory is hard work. ValueAd network are the solution. Our publishers program providing more flexibility than any other network in the world.

In order to keep your site up and running you got to generate some revenue. There has to be a viable stream of income from your site, at least enough to pay the bills and make your effort at maintaining it worthwhile.

There are many ways to make money from your site. Get someone to be your sponsor. Sell advertising space on the site. Offer your visitors a product for sale. Or sell someone else's product through an affiliate program. But each option has a downside. The most versatile one that almost everyone can use is selling advertising banner space.

Now consider the advantages:
  • Easy and fast sign-up
  • Guaranteed revenue for 100% of your site's traffic
  • No commitment or exclusivity required
  • No fee to join
  • You generate revenue in your sleep, as people visit your site and view the ad banners
  • The more traffic you drive to your site, the greater your ad earnings
  • Very detailed online stats in real time.
  • Minimum monthly payout is only $50
  • High traffic sites may receive higher payout rate and custom contracts
  • We pay for the bandwidth, manage billing and sales
  • Some Sites will be eligible for the CPM deals
  • By simply including a snippet of HTML code in your pages, an advertiser's banner runs at the top of the page, for which you are paid money