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ValueAd Network
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Terms & Conditions

Sites in English language only. No ads shall be placed on the pages that are related in any shape or form to the following content:
  • Software Pirating (Warez)
  • Sexual content (nudity, eroticism)
  • Gambling or Gambling related sites
  • Profanity
  • Non-English language sites
  • Illegal or potentially illegal MP3 files/sites
  • Any illegal activity whatsoever
  • Hacking or "phreaking"
  • Anything promoting racism or hatred
  • Any controversial or questionable subject matter

The need for Approval

All websites, individuals or companies need to get an approval from ValueAd.com.com before they can become members and show banners of ValueAd.com's advertisers. We reserve the right to withhold approval of any site for any reason.

ValueAd.com, reserves the right to freeze member's account at any time for site content or activity deemed inappropriate, based on the sole discretion of ValueAd.com's staff. All money we owe that member, will be paid during the next billing cycle, except in cases of cheating.

Content Copyright

You agree that all the content, services or products on your site are yours or you have legal right to use any and all copyrighted material(s). Indemnification. Member agrees to indemnify and hold ValueAd.com, harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, demands, expenses, losses, attorney fees arising from any and all claims and lawsuits for libel, slander copyright and trademark violation as well as other claims resulting from member's sites.


ValueAd.com, reserves the right to deactivate/terminate any member's account, by sending an electronic message to the e-mail address provided by that member. After the deactivation/termination you agree to immediately remove all ValueAd.com's banners from your site.

Member's Responsibilities:

  • Members are not allowed to place ads on blank pages with no content, on top of one another so that more than 2(two) banners are next to each other, on non-approved websites or web pages, or in any way that may be deceptive to the web surfer/visitor.
  • All ads must be served from ValueAd.com servers.
  • No member is allowed to copy, modify, alter, sell, take, re-use, make any changes or modifications to the code provided by ValueAd.com, Webmasters must install source code after subscription in order to be considered for review.
  • Member has to use the same username for all programs.
  • If the member changes their content significantly after approval for membership you MUST notify ValueAd.com of the changes by contacting us immediately. In order to avoid confrontations/controversies, we prefer that you notify us ahead of time of any major changes in content or design.
  • The following methods of generating web surfer's interest are unacceptable: Member may not use unsolicited e-mail or inappropriate newsgroup postings to promote his/her site, or to promote ValueAd.com's advertisers, encourage visitors to click on advertiser's banners in any way, shape or form including e-mail, newsgroup posting, chat sites, auto spawning of browsers, automatic redirecting, clicking on your own banners, blind text links, or misleading links or any other methods that may lead to artificially high numbers of visitors.

Unique click

Unique click is defined by ValueAd.com, as a maximum of one click from any IP address, per 24 hour period.

Banner Removal

Web Publisher agrees to remove advertiser(s) banner(s) after ValueAd.com staff will notify of the campaign end within 2 business days.


Payments will be made 35-90 days after the end of a month based on the advertiser payment. ValueAd will update Advertisers payment history daily. If the program pays on a quarterly basis, then ValueAd.com will warn you ahead of time about it. Some campaigns will be paid at the end of each calendar quarter. The ValueAd.com Network Average CTR is below 1% (run of network), which is consistent with industry standards. All hosts with CTR rates higher than 1% must present server logs so network management can make a decision as to whether payment will be made to that account.

Payment frequency

All members will be paid no more than once a month. The minimum payment is $50 (Fifty) US Dollars. If the amount owed to the member will be less then $50 US Dollars, this amount will roll over to the next month's total.

Fraudulent Activity

ValueAd.com, has developed the most advanced anti-fraud system. It constantly checks and reports if clicks are coming from the non-approved URL's. It also records all the IP's and will report if there is less than 40% of unique surfer's traffic generated, so that our staff can look and determine if the member is engaged in suspicious activitys (aka cheating) or not. This is only a few of the many features of our anti-fraud system. So members applying to join our network with the intent to generate fraudulent activity should be advised that the system will detect and document all the fraud. Fraud will result in non-payment, removal from the network and/or additional legal action taken. ValueAd.com, reserves the right to require members to provide us server log files upon request.


Any violation of our Terms And Conditions will result in non-payment and termination of member's account.


ValueAd.com reserves the right to change any terms and conditions of this contract at any time. Web publishers are responsible for complying with any changes to the Terms and Conditions within 10 business days from the date of change. Members should contact us with any questions about the interpretation of any terms set forth in this agreement. This agreement may be canceled by either party at any time, by sending electronic mail.

Cases of Dispute

You agree to settle any/all dispute under this agreement via binding arbitration in San Diego, California, USA. If any provision of this agreement will be held or made invalid by a court's decision, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected thereby.