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Piblisher Registration

Please fill out this form to become a Publisher of ValueAd Global Audience Ad Network. After you register system will email you confirmation link. All applications must be confirmed prior to hostmaster approval.

If you are US citizen, US resident or legal company operating in US please provide Social security number or Tax Identification number. Such information required by US Government taxation law. ValueAd must have a W-9 form for all Publishers who produce revenue on ValueAd Network.

Please review our privacy policy and be confident — we respect your privacy and stand behind you all 100%.

All information will be verified prior to approval therefore please be accurate and double check data you input. In some cases payment can be lost because of incorrect data.

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Publisher's Registration Form
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SSN Or Tax ID *
For each site you want to register in ValueAdExpress you must specify the site URL and choose a category. After you accepted in ValueAdExpress you may add as many sites as you want.
Site #1 *
Please enter correct site URL.
"; } ?>
Site #2
"; } ?>
Site #3
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