Web Linking Policy
Illustration figure Trademark Licensing And Use Policy. Web Linking Policy consents to linking of other Internet sites to on the following conditions:
  • The trademark may be used only with graphics utilized in web site the graphics, size, and other characteristics of the trademark may not be changed.
  • Use of the trademark as a link to the site must not result in confusion and/or association with any other trademark, name, sign, IP address, dominion name and/or copyright or industrial patent right belonging to a third party.
  • The trademark may only be used in html pages accessible through the World Wide Web to create a link from another Web site to the site. The trademark may not be used in any other way without written authorization from
  • Images, text, and all other content of the site is the property of and as such is protected by trademark laws. "Framing" of the site in any way is forbidden, as is modification or alteration of the content or graphics of
  • Links to the site may not be included in Web sites which supply content which is illegal, libelous, fraudulent or which violates the rights of others or current laws and regulations in any way.
  • reserves the right to alter or modify the site at any time at its own exclusive discretion. shall not guarantee the content of the site, nor may it be held liable in any way for damage resulting from linking to other sites, nor may it be held responsible (or be attributed any obligation) to notify those who have inserted a link to in their sites of modifications to the site or its partial or total deletion from the Internet.
Anyone wishing to create a link to the site must notify at the following address: