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Most web advertising programs centralize their process around a "Cost Per Thousand Impressions" (CPM) ratio. While this is an excellent means to calculate the number of ads that are seen on a web page, it is grossly inefficient when attempting to assess how many ads are reaching their target audience. This is where WebMall, Inc comes in.

WebMall, Inc is designed to provide the highest return on your ad budget investment, without the high risk of a CPM program. With our Pay-Per-Click program, your banner ads will be displayed across our network and you will only pay for unique "click-throughs" to your website, not for impressions or page views. We also, do not charge our Advertisers additional fees for Smart Targeting, which reflects in a dramatic increase in ROI. Smart Targeting ensures that prospective clients, who are interested in your products/services, will be the only ones to view your banner ads.

Smart Targeting includes targeting by:
  • Categories and sub-categories
  • Regions: State, Country, etc.
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Operating System
  • Area code
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Browser type
  • Time - hour/day/week