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ValueAd Media Kit

Operating out of San Diego, California, ValueAd.com, has quickly reached the very forefront of performance-based Internet advertising. We pride ourselves to be the leading providers of the CPC, CPM, CPA and CPL advertising solution.

Our software provides advertisers with the ultimate ability to measure advertising effectiveness and allows publishers, who have entry level web sites, the express opportunity to generate meaningful advertising revenue. At the same time we enable them to utilize the same solution to provide high-traffic sites more revenue for their advertising budget.

General comparisons of the two separate solutions are as follows:
  • CPM — Internet marketers to price ad banners use cost per thousand. Sites that sell advertising will guarantee an advertiser a certain number of impressions (number of times an ad banner is downloaded and presumably seen by visitors.), then set a rate based on that guarantee times the CPM rate. A Web site that has a CPM rate of $25 and guarantees advertisers 600,000 impressions will charge $15,000 ($25 x 600) for those advertisers' ad banners.
  • CPA — Cost-per-action is used by Internet marketers to price ad banners. Advertisers will pay Internet publishers based on a commission formula.
  • CPC — Cost-per-click is an Internet marketing formula used to price ad banners. Advertisers will pay Internet publishers based on the number of clicks a specific ad banner receives.
Traditionally, webmasters have always preferred CPM (cost per 1000 Banner impressions) programs, while advertisers preferred CPA (cost per action or commission based programs). Both were sufficient for the purposes in which they were introduced, although neither completely satisfied both parties. This is where the ValueAd.com, CPC highly efficient solution comes in. ValueAd.com offers campaigns on CPM and CPC basis. All CPA campaigns must prove conversion rate.

Our Agenda

Like all successful businesses, ValueAd.com has adopted a strategy to produce a more complete product within the Internet advertising industry. Following are some key aspects to their approach towards providing the most cost effective and successful solution within the marketing industry:
  • Minimize the risk for webmasters and advertisers by developing an efficient and targeted advertising campaign for Advertisers, which will effectively brand the client name or product to the general populous and provide the most cost effective means, by utilizing a "Smart Targeting" system.
  • Implement a creative strategy that will enable Advertisers to target homeowners and people interested in an exclusive market, by targeting their competition's web sites, related search engine results and self-professed interest within the aforementioned market. Utilizing all of these methods most effectively, allows us the advantage of being equipped to provide a multi-faceted campaign, with an extremely targeted reach, at an exceptionally low cost.

Some of our technology and Creative Services clients include

  • www.vicinity.com
  • www.getplugged.com
  • www.merchantbankcard.com
  • www.networksolutions.com
  • www.chase.com
  • www.insurancejournal.com
  • www.intuit.com
  • www.aria.com
  • www.providian.com
  • www.mtv.com
  • www.vh1.com
  • www.dice.com
  • www.uproar.com
  • www.iwin.com
  • www.oracle.com
  • www.nytimes.com
  • www.fashionmall.com
  • www.800flowers.com
  • www.monster.com
  • www.flipdog.com
  • www.nextcard.com
  • www.qualitycertified.org
  • www.ircdirectory.com
  • www.bettergolf.net
  • www.mp3.com
  • www.nettaxi.com
  • www.listen.com

Who are the publishers?

ValueAd.com will run your ads on thousands of strategically, hand picked sites. Every site must comply with our terms & conditions for publishers and evaluation by our ValueAd.com HostMaster. Based on the content, our HostMaster will make a qualified accept/decline decision.

We do NOT accept sites based on following criteria:
  • Foreign language sites
  • Software Pirating (Warez)
  • Sexual content (nudity, eroticism)
  • Profanity
  • Illegal or potentially illegal MP3 files/sites
  • Any illegal activity whatsoever
  • Hacking or "phreaking"
  • Anything promoting racism or hatred
  • Any controversial or questionable subject matter
  • We maintain our right to decline any site with or without any reason.

Security and fraud prevention

ValueAd.com was one of the first ad networks to initiate the fight of online fraud traffic. We believe our technology is bulletproof and will detect any attempt of any unusual activity on our network. We have learned on other people’s mistakes and believe that fraudulent traffic will undermine our company reputation as well as our personal reputations. We verify the location of incoming traffic as well as content changes. If we do catch a vendor in cheating, ValueAd will terminate the vendor's account and that vendor will receive credit back on their account.

Top Internet Websites

In order to protect the privacy of our Internet Hosts we cannot provide an online listing. However, if you would like a sample list of hosts, please email: sales@valuead.com.

ValueAd, we are here to be your number one solution for all of your advertising and publishing needs. We are committed to your success and welcome your new business. We will work very hard to win your loyalty.