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ValueAd Network
Global Audience Ad Network
Illustration figure

How ValueAd Network works

Illustration describes the flow of traffic, reports and money.

Step 1:

Advertisers want to place ads on the ValueAd Global Audience Ad Network. They pay ValueAd advertising costs and supply creatives and targeting information. In ALL cases advertisers have a single point of contact available for them 24/7. The person in charge of your campaign at ValueAd is the campaign manager along with the campaign supervisor.

Step 2:

Hostmaster will set up your campaign and apply all creatives, rules, analytics, targeting options to it. He will carefully test each creative to ensure for the appropriate delivery and reporting. The Hostmaster will announce to those publishers that fit your targeting options about your ads, creative size, type of campaign and payout rate. (The ValueAd payout rate to publishers is set to 65% of what you pay us.) The Hostmaster will email you, our advertiser, your user name and password to our reporting system. You will be able to monitor your campaign status, quality of traffic and much more 24 hours 7 days a week. You will be able to re-target your campaign, enjoy our on-the-fly creatives optimization and generate a wide variety of reports.

Step 3:

Publishers send massive web traffic though ValueAd ad server. Ad server will analyze traffic based on:
  • Any fraud activity
  • If traffic is coming from approved URL
  • If people requesting ads are from appropriate demographics and much more
Ad server will ensure that you are getting only high quality visitors on your site and block everything that will not match your criteria. All publishers have access to same statistics so that they can monitor the quality of the traffic that they supply.

Thus we could simply present overall process as "Visitors to Customers conversion":

Advertisers usually say to us: "Additionally, quality control is extremely important."

Our system will display Valuead default banners if traffic will come from an adult website or site that was not authorized by us. We check the referral ID before we serve creatives to ensure quality control. Because of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction we monitor our publishers websites on a daily basis. We offer to hostmaster's, a monitoring system on 24/7 bases. We know that you have a great choice of any ad network and we appreciate every opportunity that each of our customers give to us to serve them.