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Then where's the catch?

In selling out your ad inventory. Let's say your Website generates 700 page views a day, or 21,000 page views a month. Each of these pages can host a banner ad. This means you must sell 21,000 ad impressions a month.

So you start hunting for these advertisers. And face a reality check.

Most banner ads are sold in huge lots of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of impressions. Ad sales representatives handle most of these ad buys, and they aren't interested in representing your small Website because it isn't worth their time selling out your tiny inventory.

"Ok, who needs these guys," you say. "I'll do it myself."

And then you find out it isn't so easy. In addition to finding and convincing advertisers that your site would be ideal to promote their product or service, you'd have to handle the technical aspects of ad banner hosting.

You would have to insert banners that may need to be served up at specific times of the day, or only to visitors from a particular country, or only on designated pages of your site. You might be asked to change banners mid-way through a campaign, or rotate different ads for the same buyer. You'd need to track each banner run, provide statistics such as number of impressions or click-throughs (persons who click on the ad). And a whole lot more.

While there are several software packages that do this effectively, they are quite expensive and difficult to install and maintain. Overall, the inconvenience and effort may not be worthwhile for a Website of your size.

At this stage, it is tempting to throw up your hands and give up.

Don't. There is a solution - ValueAd Global Audience Ad Networks.

Now you can throw up your hands and join thousands webmasters and those revenue checks will roll in!