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Enterprise Ad Server technology
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ValueAd AdXpress

ValueAd's AdXpress, a powerful and accurate Ad Server. As the online advertising industry continues its amazing growth, so does the high demand for accurate and efficient ad serving technology. Over the course of the last 6 years ValueAd has through its own resources utilized every brand of ad serving available, it was our engineer’s determination that we could build a better system, a system that encompasses all of the latest technologies all the while providing a clean and easy to use interface. A system with real time reporting and updates, a system that is scalable and customizable to each clients needs and do it all for less than our competitors charge. The results are ValueAd’s AdXpress ad server and we have emerged as a new force in the industry.

Why AdXpress?

AdXpress is available 24hrs a day regardless of where your servers are located. With the ASP model we handle all of the tedium and the maintenance, we monitor your Server 24hrs a day seven days a week so you can focus on your core business, selling or buying advertising. This means more revenue for your company and less time spent managing your technology. AdXpress is equipped to handle even the highest trafficked web sites. Regardless of whether you server 50,000 ads a month or 5 billion our system will deliver the correct ad to the correct person at the correct time all the while reporting the correct number of impressions and actions in real time! Changes to the system happen immediately so if the wrong banner is placed onto the wrong place you not only will know immediately but you will be able to make the change immediately. This is essential when hours or minutes can transcribe into lost revenue. At ValueAd we are here to provide a much more efficient and simpler solution.

ValueAd AdXpress Enterprise Ad Server

With AdXpress you have the ability to utilize the most advanced Ad Servers on the market! ValueAd assures 99.9% uptime for your system and provides access at any time that you wish to check up on your reports. You will no longer need to gather together different formats in one single pointless report. You will now be able to have all of the information in your favorite format. If what we provide is not exactly to your needs a simple request to our Creative Services team will result in the feature and functionality that you need. You can take the credit and ValueAd will do all of the work! Our clients are very important to us and we want you to succeed!

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