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Enterprise Ad Server technology
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Technology & Functionality

Technology & Functionality
ValueAd’s AdXpress technology is efficiently designed to provide services to advertisers, publishers and agencies of all sizes. AdXpress will become an integral part of your information technology infrastructure and the preferred tool of your marketing team.

AdXpress has more effective features and functionality then almost any local site-side ad server. In comparison with our competition, AdXpress stands out on all technological aspects and if you need a feature that is not there You can request add-on value, which will be provided gladly by our creative services department where you will receive additional features or reports.

AdXpress, in addition to ad delivery and reporting, has the ability for you to supply all of your clients (publishers, networks, agency’s) with their own individual login account and reporting tools. Thus simplifying your tracking and trafficking department’s workload.

Smart Tags
ValueAd’s AdXpress goes beyond standard ad tracking. We implement ‘smart tag’ technology that allows our customers the distinct advantage of monitoring a users activity after the action occurred. By placing a clear pixel in conjunction with our proprietary tracking tool on your pages Smart Tag technology enables post-click and post-view analysis deep within your site.

Learn more about Post-Click and Post-View analysis.

Post-Click analysis
Post-click analysis will provide publishers and advertisers with the usage trail activity that users choose after applying actions on the creative. To simplify, Smart Tags monitors where a user will go after he/she clicks on the banner. Smart Tags will report a user’s activity and provide detailed information on common traffic flow within your site.

Post-View analysis
Smart Tag technology enables one of the new ways of measuring important brand awareness. Utilizing the incredible power of Smart Tags, AdXpress provides Post-View analysis. If your objective is to improve your brand awareness on the NET – this is the most effective tool on the market today to get the job done.

Some users will view your creative but won’t click on it. In most cases they read your media (banner) and in some cases they have even memorized it. In 24 hours (more or less) users may want to visit your site because they still remember your message and will type in your company name (domain name) to learn more about products and services. BINGO! Mission accomplished! AdXpress is capable of identifying users who viewed your ad earlier and who come back later. AdXpress will provide you with a valuable and detailed report on how many people viewed your banner and even those who actually did come back and placed an order.

AdXpress provides a comprehensive variety of default reports as well as customized reports Enterprise customers request from us.

The advantage of utilizing our technology is the ability to run reports across all publishers at one place and in the same format. There are a few layers of depth that you can dig into to get exactly what you need to succeed.

All reports are designed to be as easy and simple as possible. They are very practical and understandable and will expertly enable you to realize your ad campaigns critical decisions. Since the amount of raw data doesn’t present value, AdXpress analyzer will build comprehensive data sets for your use and review and analyze.

As we mentioned, there is much more raw data available to you during the campaign. We generate data on an minute, hourly and daily basis and AdXpress generates numerous data sets and reports from this data.

Here are a few reporting options:

- Reports by hour, day, week, month, year
- Reports by site and location
- Reports by campaign and creative
- Reports by OS, Browser, and connection speed
- Reports by locality
- Summary reports with all of the info in one place

AdXpress engine will expertly turn that data into actionable information that you will be able to easily manipulate and make the critical decisions needed for your successful campaign. ValueAd AdXpress offers a Raw Data Processing Robot (RDPR) that is at your fingertips.

Based on output of RDPR, ValueAd clients can optimize their campaigns by using our built in optimization tools.

Learn more about On-the-fly Optimization.

Real time optimization is a dream come true for web marketers.

Just imagine that a system can optimize your creatives in real time during an entire campaign life cycle. AdXpress is designed to work together with our RDPR (Raw Data Processing Robot) in order to analyze data and compare that data to your campaign objectives. Our effective Optimization process will read results produced by RDPR plus real-time incoming data and make appropriate changes automatically to creative. This is done in rotation across multiple placements based upon actual results that are determined by your metrics.

With Optimization and Targeting, your campaign objectives will be achieved with the very best possible results!

Learn more about our Smart Targeting technology.

Smart Targeting
- GeoTargeting is the exacting ability to pinpoint ads to visitors from specific geographic locations such as country, city, and zip code. AdXpress Smart Targeting has the ability to precisely target ads to your specific audience. AdXpress will ensure that the right people will see the right creative targeted to them by:

Keyword — Serve your banner advertisement across any search engine. (For example: If an end user searches for "house" or "home buying" through Lycos and your account is configured for the real estate industry, your banner will be displayed with the search engine results).
Site Buys — Target any domain that is frequented often by your target audience. (I.e. Ditech.com, Homestore.com, Move.com, etc.)
Channel — Customized channels specific to your targeting needs. (I.e. "Real Estate buying and refinancing" or more specific "Home Buying".
Geographic — We offer the most accurate geographic targeting system on the web. Results down to the area code a locality.
Browser type
Domain or top level domain
Operating system
Learn more about Trafficking Controls.

Trafficking Controls & Dynamic Ad Serving
Our trafficking controls allow users to:

- Add sites
- Divide sites into zones
- Split zones places
- Assign locations on each place
- Group multiple sites, zones, places your way
- Target campaign on specific group of places and much more.
AdXpress trafficking controls provides amazing flexibility as well as user defined routes to manipulate and navigate your traffic the way you want!

AdXpress will provide you with one single code for each publisher’s site. Once the code is placed onto the web page the creative can be changed altered or removed without touching the code. This simplifies life for both advertisers and publishers as well as it saves valuable time and reduces the risk of an error during campaign installation and change.