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The Gator Corporation needed a high-quality online media delivery technology and chose ValueAd for its outstanding, customized solutions.

"AdXpress is easy to use, and ValueAd's customization has helped us tremendously," said Mitchell Weisman, senior vice president, finance and business development.

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Post-View analysis

Smart Tag technology enables one of the new ways of measuring important brand awareness. Utilizing the incredible power of Smart Tags, AdXpress provides Post-View analysis. If your objective is to improve your brand awareness on the NET – this is the most effective tool on the market today to get the job done.

Some users will view your creatives but won’t click on it. In most cases they read your media (banner) and in some cases they have even memorized it. In 24 hours (more or less) users may want to visit your site because they still remember your message and will type in your company name (domain name) to learn more about products and services. BINGO! Mission accomplished! AdXpress is capable of identifying users who viewed your ad earlier and who come back later. AdXpress will provide you with a valuable and detailed report on how many people viewed your banner and who actually did come back and even placed an order.