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  MTV Italy requires the highly-specialized services of a reputable online media delivery technology and advertising group, and chose ValueAd for it's world-class, customized solutions and proven expertise in this filed.

"MTV evaluated different solutions to internalize our ad-serving activities but (ValueAd's) AdXpress is the only one satisfying our multiple needs with a pretty flexible asp cost model," said MTV Italy's Gian Paolo Tagliavia. (Head of Online).

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Enterprise Ad Server technology
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AdXpress provides a comprehensive variety of default reports as well as reports Enterprise customers request from us.

The advantage of utilizing our technology is the ability to run reports across all publishers at one place and in the same format. There are a few layers of depth that you can dig into to get exactly what you need to succeed.

All report designs are in an easy and simple way to view. They are very practical and understandable and will expertly enable you to realize your ad campaign critical decisions. Since the amount of raw data doesn’t present value, AdXpress analyzer will build comprehensive data sets for your use and review.