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Smart Targeting

GeoTargeting is the exacting ability to pinpoint ads to visitors from specific geographic locations such as country, city, and zip code. AdXpress Smart Targeting has the ability to precisely target ads to your specific audience. AdXpress will ensure that the right people will see the exact media targeted to them by:
  • Keyword — Serve your banner advertisement across any search engine. (For example: If an end user searches for "house" or "home buying" through Lycos and your account is configured for the real estate industry, your banner will be displayed with the search engine results).
  • Site Buys — Target any domain that is frequented often by your target audience. (I.e.,,, etc.)
  • Channel — Customized channels specific to your targeting needs. (I.e. "Real Estate buying and refinancing" or more specific "Home Buying".
  • Geographic — We offer the most accurate geographic targeting system on the web. Results down to the area code and prefix.
  • Demographic — Gender, age, income, education, occupation, etc.
  • "Psychographic" Hobbies and Interests (i.e. cooking, food, wine, real estate, personal finance, etc.)
  • Browser type
  • Domain or top level domain
  • Operating system
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