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GeoPoint Data Enables Business-Critical Geo-location for Online Ads

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Nov. 19, 2002 - Quova, Inc., the world's leading provider and developer of Web geography services and technologies, announced today that ValueAd.com, a leader in ad server technology services, has licensed Quova's GeoPoint service to provide business-critical geo-location data for geo-targeted online advertising. ValueAd's flagship ad server, AdXpress, has established itself as an industry-leading application for delivering targeted ads to specific Internet audiences. GeoPoint, which determines the location of Internet users by mapping the Internet infrastructure of over 4 billion IP addresses, will provide the most accurate data available to enable ValueAd to provide its customers with maximum precision in its geo-targeting solution.

"Working with Quova benefits us enormously because it allows us to construct an incredibly accurate and fully updated database of locality information," said Adam Tuttle, Vice President of Sales for ValueAd.com."It offers our clients tremendous value and gives them the ability to generate higher revenues by geo-targeting ads with tremendous accuracy."

ValueAd selected Quova based on several recommendations from its own customers, but only after evaluating Quova head-to-head against its three primary competitors.

"We chose Quova because their data was exceptionally accurate and they were more than willing to adapt to our specific needs. We were able to get the data in a form that suited our engineering requirements exactly," said Tuttle. "They've been tremendously responsive and the exceptional level of service we have received has made the implementation seamless."

"The online advertising industry is one of Quova's primary growth targets," said Quova President and CEO Marie Alexander. "We're gratified that ValueAd has become the latest customer in this intensely competitive space to choose us over the other providers, and we expect to continue establishing a dominant position in this vertical."

About ValueAd
Founded in 1996 and based in San Diego, California, privately-held ValueAd.com is a respected leader in advertising management technology, focused on providing customized, up-to-date online media delivery solutions at competitive prices. ValueAd's flagship product is its outstanding ad server, AdXpress, which has earned a reputation for providing clients with intelligent, easy-to-use applications of online media technology, applications providing a distinct competitive edge.

About Quova
Founded in January 2000, Quova, Inc. is the leading provider of geolocation services to online businesses. Quova's GeoPoint service provides the geographic location of Web site visitors in real-time, enabling businesses to manage digital rights, target content, detect fraud, conduct site analysis and ensure regulatory compliance. Quova's customers and partners include industry leaders such as CNET Networks, Times Online and Visa International. A privately owned company with investments from VeriSign, Mobius Venture Capital (formerly SOFTBANK Venture Capital), IDG Ventures, Nexus Group, and Fidelity Ventures, Quova's main headquarters are located at 333 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, California 94041, with European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Quova can be reached at 650-528-3700 and on the Web at www.quova.com.

Quova, the Quova logo and GeoPoint are registered service marks and/or service marks of Quova, Inc.