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Key Features
  • Deliver Results
    Generate Leads
    Build your Brand
    Improve Awareness
    Campaign planning
    7 layers deep custom reports
    Quality Geo-targeting
    On-the-fly optimization
    35 vertical markets

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For Publishers

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EnterpriseAd Server

Key Features
  • Real Time Reporting
    On the fly optimization
    Targeting by locality, Time, Day, OS, Browser
    CPA Smart Tags tracking
    Post-Click analysis
    Post-View analysis
    Multiple login levels
    Trafficking Controls
    and much more

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What's new?

  • Moscow, Russia.
    ValueAd Inc. opens new engineering office. "We triple our engineering force and now capable to lead ad serving technology market..." said VP of Software Development.

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  • Mountain View, Calif. - Quova, Inc., the world's leading provider and developer of Web geography services and technologies, announced today that, a leader in ad server technology services, has licensed Quova's GeoPoint service to provide business-critical geo-location data for geo-targeted online advertising.
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  • ValueAd Provides Customized Solution for World's Largest Online Marketing Network
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